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Reflective Eyes...

Upon my dark soul...

Vengeance Before Death
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I don't think any amount of words could describe me or any other person. Personal biographies suck.

vegan for life. hands down.

sXe for life. no regrets. just poison free.

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User Number: 1034991
Date Created:2003-04-30
Number of Posts: 312

Miakayuuki has a random sense of humor and likes to bastardize conservative view points. She likes unique people who follow politics and she is vegan.
Strengths: Creative, artistic, honest, caring, loyal.
Weaknesses: Makes better friends online than in real life, normally hates republicans, generally says the wrong things at the wrong time.
Special Skills: Artist, photographer, musician, has mad sewing skills, and is an html guru.
Weapons: Keyboard, sheet music, and awesome friends who have my back and listen to Bella Morte.
Pet Peeves: Chewing food with your mouth open, gum smacking, animal abuse, blaitant disregard of personal beliefs, and 80's hair metal (Harry).

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