Vengeance Before Death (miakayuuki06) wrote,
Vengeance Before Death

list of shitty things

-vocab test tomorrow
-have to work on poetry by myself since everyone else is completely irresponsible
-everyone in art class hates me
-didnt win a prize tonight at art gallery
-work tomorrow
-kat bailed on me for the second time again tonight
-plamena didnt show up for the show
-dir en grey isnt coming to houston on their tour (whihc is only 3 venues and should be considered a tour)
-cant talk to anyone about shit because apparently when i do i piss them off
-i really need to leave this shithole of a town filled with hypocrites and apathetic assholes which wont be happening for a while
-every thoguht that has croseed my brain (cept when i was in seguin) for the past 3 weeks has been suicidal
-i wish people would get there heads out of their asses...
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Why does everyone in your art class hate you?
I'm sorry about your art show, better luck next time. :(
dude.. i dont even know anymore... everyone just acts like shit around me... it fucking pisses me off...

i think i have said this 20 times within the past couple days... buti feel like i am drowning in a sea of idiots...

the art show was ok. it was my first professional competition and i was in a show with my art teacher. so that is cool right?

i just hope my photo sells.. it would suck if no one bought it..
Hey.... it can get only better. Make yourself a list of positive things!! There are surely a lot of them as well! Always think positive! ;)