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i went bike shopping today which was very awkward to say the least. hrmm.. yeah... nough said bout that.

i told my dad i am going ot go get piercings so both my parents know and dont agree with it, but they cant stop me. i told my dad i wont wear the piercings around him.. so he is a little better with it cause he knows he is being unreasonable.

i watched the channelone shaun white interview on thank god i got to see it! it basically said everything i already knew and such, but it is refreshing ot see interviews of shaun...

thanks jessi and jenn for notifying me bout that!

ummm... i finally got a day to relax, but i am still stressed out cause im not talking to jon... again (fucking asshole!) and emily brought weed-laced banana nut bread to school. yeah.. that was awkward cause she was feeding it to the class and not telling them it had weed in it. it kinda pissed me off, but i tried acting cool with all of it.

i worked on the bayside painting again today. the bottom portion is done with the cherry blossoms, but the top cherry blossoms arent done and neither is john's face... i need to push the shadows and the highlights a bit more and i need to go out and buy some drum sticks....

ummm.... lets see. the art opening for the landscapes, seascapes, dreamscapes show is gonig to be the 16th at the art alliance right across the street from space center houston! PLEASE COME AND SUPPORT ME! it is going to be my first real art show i have been in with local professional artists. i am really nervous, even though it is jsut one photo that is going ot be in it.

ive been writing a lot in my personal journal lately and i only have 10 pages left before i start the new one i bought last time i went to the mall (a couple months ago)... so... hopefully i will have incentive and such...

shaun white shit o the day:

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