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Interesting notions and vibrating notches

This week has been hell as usual. Nothing truely surprising there. There were some better highlights of the week. They include, but are not limited to:

Cory being a good friend and hanging out with me while I waited for my mom after Japanese Class. We made fun of the little public service announcements on the TV.

The long phone conversation much needed with Alex about our lives. We still have a lot of catching up to do. The long distance kills me.

My art being showed for the first time in the Art Alliance. Granted it is for the Rodeo and I didn't make it to the next round, I did get a first place ribbon, which means they werre considering mine being 1 out of the 2 selected for the next round.

My cousin, Jamie, and I are myspace buddies and are leaving random comments back and forth to each other.

Forrest, my old photography teachewr from Ringling, in a joyous comment replied back to my request for a letter of recommendation to get into RSAD!

Some things that are still left to be done:

Finish applying to colleges and request Mr. Williams write a letter of recommendation and make copies of it.

Figure out a way to drop these stupid classes, such as office aid, that the school haa me doing. It is bullshit and we all know it.

Pick up my artwork from scholastic and submit one of my photos to VASE.

There is much more on the list, but I figured you guys didn't want me to continues on. The music and poetry of the link is under the cut. Enjoy! I hope everyone else is well and prosperous!

Such Great Heights- Postal Service

I am thinking it's a sign
that the freckles in our eyes are mirror images
and when we kiss they're perfectly aligned
And I have to speculate
that God himself did make
us into corresponding shapes
like puzzle pieces from the clay

And true, it may seem like a stretch
but its thoughts like this that catch
my troubled head when you're away
when I am missing you to death
when you are out there on the road
for several weeks of shows
and when you scan the radio
I hope this song will guide you home

they will see us waving from such great heights,
"come down now", they'll say
but everything looks perfect from far away,
"come down now", but we'll stay...

I tried my best to leave
this all on your machine
but the persistent beat it sounded thin
upon the sending
and that frankly will not fly
you will hear the shrillest highs
and lowest lows with the windows down
when this is guiding you home

they will see us waving from such great
"come down now", they'll say
but everything looks perfect from far away
"come down now", but we'll stay...

I Watched Thee- Lord Byron

I watched thee when the foe was at our side
Ready to strike at him, or thee and me
Were safety hopeless rather than divide
Aught with one loved, save love and liberty.

I watched thee in the breakers when the rock
Received our prow and all was storm and fear
And bade thee cling to me through every shock
This arm would be thy bark or breast thy bier.

I watched thee when the fever glazed thine eyes
Yielding my couch, and stretched me on the ground
When overworn with watching, ne'er to rise
From thence, if thou an early grave hadst found.

The Earthquake came and rocked the quivering wall
And men and Nature reeled as if with wine
Whom did I seek around the tottering Hall
For thee, whose safety first provide for thine.

And when convulsive throes denied my breath
The faintest utterance to my fading thought
To thee, to thee, even in the grasp of death
My spirit turned. Ah! oftener than it ought.

Thus much and more, and yet thou lov'st me not,
And never wilt, Love dwells not in our will
Nor can I blame thee, though it be my lot
To strongly, wrongly, vainly, love thee still.
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