Vengeance Before Death (miakayuuki06) wrote,
Vengeance Before Death

This morning was unlike the rest. The sky seemed cloudless; endless, yet it was of pure gray. It was the kind of morning where I just stared into the sky like I had no thoughts of losing or winning. I just stood there watching the trees sway deeply into the breeze and I heard an all too familiar sound. It was mysterious and soothing, but it had an anoxious aesthetic. It was that of a crow. Their voices were uplifting in their sorrow. I knew I too had to sing the same song.

I digress from my odd story.

I recieved a nasty email from Claudia accusing me of bullshit. Want to read?

.. if you have something to say...

please.. next time.. say it to my face

i dont know why you keep insinuating that i have some vendaetta against you. i dont know who keeps telling you that i keep saying shit about you, but i dont talk shit about people. if you think i keep lying about this maybe we cant be friends.

btw. the only reason i got offended by the fact that you were wearing a straight edge shirt is because i take my personal beliefs very seriously and you said "i only drink". yeah, well if you took the time to actually listen to whaty i was going to say to you then you would find out that my grandfather has alcohol poisoning because he was a truck driver and worked his ass off and had a hard life and used to go to bars all the time to blow off stress. he basically doesnt have a brain now because of alcohol so i was going to explain this to you, but apparently my opinion on life doesnt really matter to you.

and i have been friends with your boyfriends sister for 2 years now, so i know who he is. i just dont know him. i was merely asking b/c i was trying tomake small talk. excuse me for trying to be a friend.

i think it is great that you are dating a guy who is edge because he and i shall the same personal values and i think they are healthy ones, but at the same time, i thought it was weird because i take my values so seriously and i dont think i could date someone that different than me.

that is all i have to say on things, but please dont go accusing me on false accusations saying i am talking shit about you behind your back. cause im tired of that. it is bullshit and i hope we both know it.


People are very annoying. To be quite honest, I am starting to get completely fed up with the human race. Elfen Lied didn't really help much on that now did it? Btw... What happens to the chief director I wonder. The one we find out is a diclonius at the end? Anyway, I am trying †ø burn all of the episodes onto a dvd, but i have been trying to find a program that works with mac os 10.2.8 that can convert avi to mov files. anyone know of it?
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