Vengeance Before Death (miakayuuki06) wrote,
Vengeance Before Death

Myspace isnt working properly... suprse...

great. barrick is flying into el paso tomorrow and then flying straight to seguin. yay. i dont get t osee him. this is just fucking great.

on top of all this army bullshit forcing him to fly into el paso instead of dallas or houston... my mouse, nezumi died... which means i now have no mice and i have 1 cat. ive been trying to force my dad to let us adopt another cat but he is being an asshole about it.

it really pisses me off. i work at the vet clinic so everythign is over 50% off and we get free check ups and shit. it is ridiculous. it isnt going tobe like he is paying a lot of money. on top of this, we would get gizme for free because we wouldn't have to pay the adoption money like you would at the spca or something. she is already spayed and she just had a bath on tuesday. she is in the perfect health. this is retarded!

my friend told me that to solve my problems i should jsut move out of my house. good call rebecca. she doesnt even know what is going on, but it would stop all of this insane pressure with school and art.

i made it into the art alliance show also. everyone go see it if you can. ill explain in detail later when i find out more info, but i think it starts february 17th. it has the abstract photo in there instead of the central park one. my whole family thinks that is bizarre cause they don't think that one that was chosen can even surmount to the other piece i submitted.

i won the schick quattro competition. i odnt know what i won though. i really hope it was the trip to the summer x games. that would be rad. im glad i won something though. probably just a tshirt like summer xgames 10. yay!

What is it like dealing with your groupies? To share an experience, I showed up at a contest and a girl started crying when she saw me. I was like, ‘Oh, my God!’ I felt bad when the girl started crying. I was all, ‘I didn’t do it.’

now i have to go back to reading poisonwood bible...
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