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Soo... started painting the Bayside portrait of John. I had started drawing it last week and i started apintgin it today. i think it is going to be MUCH better than the last one. im reall yexcited. jessi and veronica shall get to see it tomorrow morning before art class cause i never have time to make it to mr williams room before the bell for 2nd period.

ummm... OLYMPICS!! Shaun is riding on Sunday. I am uber uber excited... i mother fucking cant wait. i made 80$ out of the 20% i took out from my last two pay checks and i am using that to pay for shaun white dvds that i have been waiting to get for a while. i might also buy battle royale and live freaky die freaky, but we shall see.

shaun barber also has a book out of all of his tattoo art that i am interested in getting. anyone who lives near San Fran and loves art go see his show! it is goign ot be amazing! i wish i could be ther eto support him, but alas... i am in shit-hole texas.

so... much typos later, i worked till 8:30 again tonight, but it was slightly fun and Gizme smells likea trash can now for some reason. her dandruff has also gotten really bad and even though i brushed her she still has matts on her belly. Chris is bathing her tomorrow. ha ha! on friday if her owners havent come to pick her up i am going to bring my camera and take pictures of her. ^_^ i want you all to be able to see why i love her. she is so cute!

japanese class is tomorrow and CORE- E better be there tomorrow cause he totally missed last class which made me get all depressed cause he makes the class that much better and bearable. i suck really bad at japanese and i wish i could have more time to study, but i dont and i suck for that and im pretty pissed off at my lack of time ot do anything lately.

shaun white shit o' the day:

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