Vengeance Before Death (miakayuuki06) wrote,
Vengeance Before Death

Everyone lies.

John is a hypocrite. today he took pictures of peoples art while they werent in the room. he was going to use them for the literary magazine w/out their consent. plagiarism anyone? he got me so upset and basically called me an asshole when i called him out on things.

i skipped stupid fucking office aid again today and went ot go pick up my scholastic art and it was in good condition (thank god) not like last time where they broke my sculpture. i swear to god if they would have harmed my photography in anyway i would have bought a gun and shot the bastards. now i can start my college apps and get them done within the next week.

i just got chewed out by austin who called me a traitor. he is an asshole who completely disregaurds others feelings.

as of now i really hate my life. i never wanted to truely quit improv because i feel like a traitor and i feel like everyone has that thought installed in the back of their minds. i regreat leaving, but i didn't have a choice. i cant handle doing improv with all of the onther things i need to get done due to me working now. it feels to me like i am the only one who understands the sacrifice i had to make. i dont know why no one else understands that it was a sacrifice in my mind too and i didnt have a choice unless i wanted to not go to college.

so apparently everyone has this huge misconception of me and i feel likei want to die every minute of my life. i feel like ive lost everything. my friends dont really talk to me anymore because i never see them, my job sucks, the love of my life is essentially dead, and i dont have any time in my life to do much of anything for myself. everything is just work work work and for some reason i still feel like a slob and apparently everyone else thinks i am too. well la de fucking dah.

why dont you all go fuck yourselves?

oh and here is your shaun white pic of the day:
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