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X-games, SAT and homework have been the only things consuming my life.. other than work...

Shaun White impressed me again this year. He is my fucking hero. If I could meet him, Davey Havok, and Jhonen Vasquez.. I could die 100% happy. Assuming they aren't all show andthey are genuine. I do have a feeling that they all are.. which makes me happy all over again...

Soo.... I think I might post some pictures of "The Flying Tomatoe/ Señor Blanco/ The Crimson Phoenix" better known as Shawn White!!! Buwa!

Louie Vito is pretty cool too though, but I've been crushing on Shaun for 5 years now... pretty pathetic... I know..

On another note. I really want to go to SXSW and I don't have 500$ to spend. Anyone want to contribute to my unhealthy music obsession and let me see Dir en Grey and a bajillion other bands I would never get to see? It is the week of my 18th birthday. Come on... you know you want to contribute to some teenage wrecklessness!!! and I made a new icon.. i was dying my hair purple again and i took the picture while the dye was setting.
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