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Public.. AGAIN?!

After 2 years, my journal is public once again! Rejoice innocent bystander, for your life has now been ruined by the emotional rantings of a soon to be legal yaoi buyer!! Shiokaze-con is going to be raped (excuse the pun) of its yaoi...

Why do you ask have I had this change of heart? Does Kelly have a heart you may be asking? Well my fellow disgruntled youth and non-youth of America, Germany, and any other countries my friends are living in that are not mentioned, I have just decided to give up on people being shitty. Nothing I will do shall change their shitty minds and their shitty actions.

Besides, all I have been doing lately is posting musical rantings and Byron. Kelly loves the Lord Byron!

Sure, there will be a few friends only postings later on in life, but for now, everything is back to being public. Enjoy it will you still can evil internet predators!
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